Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So, some of you devoted readers (all...2 of you) might remember me nattering on about a short film I wrote and co-produced a while back called WOMEN AND MEN AND WOMEN.

Well, now that the festival submissions are all over, it's finally available on the internet for everyone to see!

It's a satire on male privilege, self-obsessed male writers, and the "bro-mance". 

Check it out here on Vimeo!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Everyday I write the book...

I know that my posting on here has been a bit erratic, but I'm assuming some people must still enjoy my blathering.

If you do enjoy my ramblings, then you might enjoy this: Midnight Symphony , an honest-to-good eBook that I've got a story in. In case the title and the Amazon page don't clue you in, it's a collection of horror stories.

There are also some pretty awesome stories by some other people I'm lucky to know, including stories about demonic English nobility and endangered Sasquatch. 

It's only 99 cents, and any money earned goes to charity. 

So check it out... if you dare!