Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby steps to full posts...

In a Halloween mood today, I tried to watch some horror movies on Netflix Streaming. The first film I tried was Dario Argento's Phantom of the Opera, starring Julian Sands & Asia Argento.

What a poor choice. The dubbing was awful, the Phantom had psychic powers and had been raised by rats and (worse yet!) was not even deformed. Plus, Asia Argento was trying to play a normal person, which never works. All of that would be forgivable except Argento shows none of the visual flair or eye for detail he brought to Suspiria! Visually, the movie is as mediocre as a Syfy channel original movie. Sure, I stopped watching after 12 minutes, but this included two poorly-staged killings.

So I switched to Witchfinder General, which is a much, much better movie. More on that later.