Sunday, April 17, 2011

WOMEN AND MEN AND WOMEN: Rare self-promotion post...

Most of you might know me as that nerdy guy who posts snarky things about science fiction or old movies. But I also write other things that I don't post on the blog.

One such thing is a script for a short film called Women and Men and Women.

It started life as a satire on all those infuriating plays about how white male artists have such a hard time finding a girl who understands how hard they have it, man. It was performed as a staged-reading at Stage Left in Chicago and when I got out to LA, some friends suggested I try to turn it into a screenplay.

Well, now, a mix of friends from college and new friends are trying to turn it into a self-produced short film. And we're trying to raise a small amount of money to help us put it together. 

A short promo video (showcasing other people saying my words) and some information about what your donation is going to can be found here.

Even if you don't actually want to donate any money, I'd appreciate it if you'd just view the video. I think  it's pretty funny, and some pretty funny people are working on it.

But we're not looking to get paid, we're just looking for some help with some of the very real production costs you face even when you make a very simple and small film.

Thanks for your attention and I promise that I won't turn this all into all self-promotion, all the time.