Friday, September 5, 2008

Here's to evil *clink* : An Introduction

Hello everybody! Long-time nerd, first-time nerdblogger. 

*Hello, Mr. K!*

So, for the last couple of years, I've been slowly working my way through different nerd-o-spheres on the internet. Comic book blogs, sci-fi blogs, rpg blogs and sf & f movie sites. And while they've been entertaining or informative, none of them have quite spoken to me.  And that's perfectly understandable. Most of those bloggers had different backgrounds, different relationships to their hobbies and different interests.

So I'd read for a while and enjoy, but eventually feel a bit of an echo-chamber. And if something came up where I didn't agree with the general consensus, I might throw in a single, short comment or read and think and move on.

But I still had stuff I wanted to say. And rather than derail discussion or leave essay-long comments or come off as a troll, I decided to start this.

After all this, I guess I should say what this blog is about:
1. This is a blog about science-fiction and fantasy (and I do include horror under that genre umbrella). I'll touch on books, comic books and movies primarily, but I will post on rpgs occasionally. 
2. Of course, so do a ton of other people. However, I have a limited taste for high fantasy or "hard" sf, love literary fiction and art films, and read more superhero comics than art comics. I came to RPGs late (senior year of college) and classic sf very early.

As for regular features, I've got a couple of ideas in mind already:
Liveblogging the Malazan Book of the Fallen - Toll the Hounds comes out in a few weeks, so I'm going back and rereading them. I'll start with Gardens of the Moon and then move on.
Observations of a New RPG Player - I'm no grognard, I'll admit. I started playing D&D with 3.5 and think 4.0 is okay. I've just started checking out other systems and RPG theory, but I don't have as much nostalgia or baggage as some people do.  So my perceptions might be naive, but they'll provide a different POV than other people.
Live Brains: Zombie and Cult Film Reviews - A lot of the movies I enjoy or watch don't exactly have a lot of fans or reviews. I hope to at least start a discussion about some of them and get people interested
See you soon!

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