Saturday, September 6, 2008

Intro, Part II: The Geek Cornucopia Guarantee

Looking at yesterday's entry, I realized that I didn't make a few things clear about this blog. Here they are. This is the Geek Cornucopia Guarantee. I will try my best to hold to it, and if I decide to change parts to it, I will post a new GCG.

  1. Snark will be very limited. There are some much funnier snark-purveyors in this world on these subjects. Also, these are topics I love, and there is enough in my life that I do not enjoy for me to focus on things I want to mock. However, I do love the occasional bad movie as much as the next nerd. So, if I review The Apple or something of that ilk, it's because I like that film for those very qualities I mock. I'd rather watch a Cannon Group film that is over the top and awful but always exciting than a middle-brow Oscar-bait film.
  2. I'll post on topics that don't get discussed much. I have a different background than some geeks (which I'll probably explain in a few days) and some of the reasons that I enjoy my geeky hobbies also differ. I'm not going to post another Night of the Living Dead or D&D 4.0 review or comment on some hot blogosphere topic unless I truly think I have something new or different to say.
  3. I am interested in the following topics as they relate to my hobbies: performance, morality, criticism and theory, structure and aesthetics. These aren't going to be MLA-format essays, but I do want to be analytical here.
  4. I will not post the following: RPG campaign descriptions, political commentary, and "people who like ____ are stupid".
It's Mr. K's Geek Cornucopia Band, I hope you will enjoy the show!

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